conaito PPT2Flash Sharing KIT 1.0

conaito PPT2Flash Sharing KIT 1.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009



Do you want to add presentation sharing to your website, or do you want to build a presentation community or sharing presentations to your websites? The conaito PowerPoint-to-Flash Sharing KIT provides you a smart and effective solution for converting PowerPoint presentations into an easy-to-use Online-Flash-presentation and professional Flash content authoring like Trade shows, Conferences, E-learning, Researching, Studies, E-cards, Fun content and uploading to your website or file server. The PPT2Flash Sharing KIT can be fully branded and customized in a way that it looks like your own application. You control how it looks, you control the converting settings and the upload settings. The KIT is a complete client-side solution to help you build a successful web presentation community. It is a very simple process:1) User downloads the re-branded PPT2Flash Sharing application from your site and installs it (only once) 2) User drags & drops a PowerPoint presentation into the application 3) The PPT2Flash Sharing KIT convert the presentation to Flash and shows a preview to user 4) PPT2Flash Sharing KIT uploads the Flash presentation to your website using your upload settings Main Benefits If you want to add presentation sharing to your website, or you have a presentation service, or you want to build a presentation sharing community then PPT2Flash Sharing KIT offers the following advantages: You need no dedicated servers to convert PowerPoint to FlashAs you certainly know, converting PowerPoint presentations is a very time and CPU consuming process. With PPT2Flash Sharing KIT, the presentation converting task is performed on the user s own computer, not your servers. Don t waste bandwidth, increase upload speed instead PPT2Flash Sharing KIT will upload highly compressed Flash presentations reducing both your bandwidth bill and user s waiting time. Avoid incompatibility HellThe converted Flash presentation works and looks like your PowerPoint and more!

Systems: Windows

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